Science of Hair Loss

The androgenic alopecia top of the skull and forehead is in men and women, but mainly affects men. Age of onset varies. It is often hereditary.
The diffuse alopecia on the entire scalp is predominantly female.
In children have included the Trichotillomania (he pulls himself hair, often in secret), the total rare pelade décalvante and ringworm Tønder (but in this case it is limited plaques with crusts and suppuration )

How to know if the fall is abnormal?

For a tensile test, hair unwashed for 3 days, on 10 it would pull hair over 2.


-Many medications can be involved:
chemotherapy, anticoagulants, androgens (among other things contained in the anabolic) androgenic progestins, lithium, antidepressants, neuroleptics, antiepileptics, antialdostérone, antithyroid synthetic derivatives of cortisone
-Some deficiencies:
iron deficiency (pregnancy, lactation, chronic bleeding, etc …)
malnutrition or undernutrition (backgrounds, diets, anorexia nervosa)
-Some endocrine diseases:
Front row: hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism
Much more rarely hypopituitarism or hyperprolactinemia (disturbances in the pituitary gland)
excess androgens (hormones masculinisantes) absolute or relative (menopause)


* If one of the reasons cited above is found, on trafficking.
* Avoid abuse hair: braids, perms, brushing.
* Among women, where contraceptive use a non-androgenic progestin (desogestrel / ethinylestradiol)
* Fight against seborrhea (oily hair with dandruff and itching) with suitable shampoo, antifungal, shampoo oil Cade (film)
* Minoxidil:
This product is available in lotion under several different brands (Alostil, Regain)
As an anecdote, it was used as a tablet anti-hypertensive.
Lotion 2%, apply morning and evening for several months (except pregnancy, lactation). In case of failure after 4 months in humans, then go to Alostil 5%.
The beneficial effect of Minoxidil cease as soon as treatment is stopped. The product is not reimbursed, it is a real financial investment, and like any medication not reimbursed, the price is free so compare prices! !
* Promestriéne solution, local application, suitable for both sexes.
* Propecia: only in humans, 1comprimé per day for at least 6 months. Not reimbursed
* Solution ultimate micrografts hair collected in a dense area.
Not reimbursed and expensive.