Hair Loss: Steroid Hormones

Researchers have devised to control the production of steroid hormones, but only at the local level (the skin). The solution is to find a substance capable of blocking the action of 2 enzymes: the 5a – reductase and aromatase.

To try to find a solution to this health issue, Dr. Heinrich Wieland, a chemist, and Alfred Schmidt, a pharmacologist, began in 1985 to test various substances.

After several years of research and many laboratory experiments, they concluded that a phytosterol complex with ß-sitosterol as the primary substance could become a very active and at the same time completely harmless to the inhibition of sex steroid hormones locally in the skin.

This complex of phytosterols has the following properties:

1. it is hydrophobic, so it can be easily absorbed through the skin

2. it inhibits the activity of the enzyme 5a-reductase and aromatase.

3. it is non-toxic and hypoallergenic.