Food and Hair Loss?

All men are threatened by baldness … And women are not spared. Can we treat her hair and the fight against hair loss range of a sudden? To find out, we interviewed Dr. Richard Aziza, aesthetic plastic surgeon and specialist in the scalp and author of “Hair loss, what solutions.” According to him, a healthy lifestyle is important … but not enough.

Doctissimo: The power allows it to keep her hair healthy?

Dr. Aziza: Hair is a reflection of how we live! When we’re stressed, tired, sick, this has an impact on our hair. It becomes dull, brittle, and so on. And our food is a factor that affects our hair. Balanced eating is important to bring the roots all the elements necessary for the manufacture of hair, to preserve this great flexibility and vitality touted by advertisers. The hair of essential food, the protein-rich sulfur amino acids (meat, fish ….) And vitamins B and PP for example.

Doctissimo And all shampoos that promise to “feed” the hair, are they effective?

Dr Aziz: As far as I know, cosmetics do not cross the skin barrier … But this is not what shampoos are unnecessary. Because each hair has a sebaceous gland. Or shampoo for the treatment of hyper or hyposécrétions that make the hair too fat or too dry. And they can give volume, thanks to their electrostatic properties. And contrary to popular belief, wash their hair often does not promote hair loss.

Doctissimo: At this point, is this a good diet can reduce hair loss?

Dr Aziz: It is important to eat varied, making sure to provide hair with the nutrients they need. If deficiencies can threaten the health of the hair, by contrast, the excess can be harmful. Thus, people who are too fat diet and those who suffer from high cholesterol are threatened with loss of hair. And paradoxically, some medicines to fight against high cholesterol levels can, by their side effects, also promote the fall …

But we must be aware that hair loss is genetically programmed: diet can prevent!